Photoplus Energy
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Team of Photoplus Energy has worked immensely on Rural Projects: we have installed around 50 solar water pumps and Stand Alone water purifiers in the Rural areas of the country. Till date, we have installed a number of solar products such as

  • Stand-Alone Water Purifier
  • Cygni Stand Alone Solar PV Solutions
  • Solar Water Pump

Our solar-powered water purifier solution provides the latest water cleansing technologies in remote and rural India. Stand Along Water Purifiers are designed to run with or completely independent of electricity supply, compared to standard water purifiers.

The Stand-Alone Solar Panels are installed in places like chillers, homes, small shops, etc. We also provide solar water pumps for field irrigation or water supply to various communities as it comes along with great benefits including no electricity usage and adapting to a healthy way of living by using solar energy.